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Motorweek's Vazquez Wins Gold

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Motorweek Yolanda Vazquez

Motorweek reporter, Yolanda Vazquez recently received two gold awards and one bronze for outstanding reporting. Since joining MotorWeek, television’s longest running automotive series, in 2007, Vazquez has given viewers the inside track on important consumer stories.

Accustomed to being on the frontlines of breaking news such as Hurricane Katrina and the Washington area sniper shootings, Yolanda's FYI segments deliver timely information on driving and automotive safety, money-saving advice, as well as the latest automotive trends and technological advances in fuel efficiency.

“I am honored to receive these prestigious awards that were voted on by my peers,” says Vazquez. “It lets me know that my journalistic efforts—here at Motorweek—to tell good, quality, informative stories have not gone unnoticed. I look forward to crafting even more compelling Motornews segments and FYI stories as our thirty-second season begins in September.”

She earned two Gold Awards from the 21st International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC) for her consumer reporting. In the Feature category, Vazquez was recognized for, “Blind Man Driving” a report on how technology is helping blind people drive; as well as in the Series category for her bi-weekly Motor News Segments.

In the News category, Vazquez won a bronze for “Don’t Get Soaked,” consumer advice on how to avoid buying a flood-damaged vehicle. Vazquez was also chosen as the overall Best of Video awardee by the IAMC.

At the 33rd Annual Telly Awards Competition, Vazquez received Bronze Telly Awards, honoring outstanding television, film, video, commercial and web-based productions, for “Blind Man Driving.”

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, Florida, Vazquez studied broadcasting and film at Boston University where she had a recurring role on, Bay State, a soap opera produced by students. From there she headed to the Big Apple and a stint as an NBC page and a Saturday Night Live! personal assistant. That led to on-air reporting gigs in Kentucky, Texas, Maryland, and Florida.

Now in its 31st season, MotorWeek delivers the latest car and truck reviews, do-it-yourself car care tips, and auto industry news. To find out which public television station in your area airs MotorWeek, go to motorweek.org and click on find your station. MotorWeek can also be seen on pbs.org, and the V-me Spanish language television network.